Over the last 12 years, company personnel have participated in many sensor testing and deployment programs, and provided image fusion technology and expertise to sensor manufacturers and system integrators, such as BAE Systems, The Boeing Company, GEC-Marconi, HUGHES, Lear Astronics, Rockwell Collins , TRW and various Government Military and Civilian agencies.
We have fused combinations of sensors covering most of the available imaging spectrum, including UV, Visible (low light), all bands of infrared, and active and passive RF systems such as 35 and 94 GHz (mm-wave) radars and radiometers - as well as “synthetic” sensors, such as computer-generated renderings.
Our technology is customized to different sensor combinations, since, in our experience, we realized that  specific techniques are required to address the phenomenology of each sensor, and extract maximum value from the fused output. We specialize in systems that present images in real-time to a human operator (pilot, navigator) providing maximum situational awareness with minimal impact on cognitive workload; low-latency (sensor to display) systems are our specialty. Over the years, we have optimized a small turn-key sensor image acquisition, processing and fusion system that is readily customizable and rugged enough to be flight ready. This system can be your end solution or a rapid-prototyping testbed used to refine algorithms to be later transitioned to silicon; it consists of small form-factor, rugged unit, packaged for ground operation or in avionics-standard 4MCU (1/4 ATR) configurations for direct installation into aircraft electronics bays. We stock various configurations, for quick-turnaround in time-critical projects. Our hardware has flown on platforms from Skymasters, to C130 to B757s,  and enables other ground and sea-based applications.
We offer a number of software toolkits for fusion and simulation of most types of imaging sensors. The toolkits are used to deliver our expertise in a quick-turnaround fashion, and at low cost, with little or no custom software development. The toolkits are pre-installed and tested on our standard hardware configurations: the customer receives a “zero configuration” aircraft- or simulator-ready capability.
Our sensor simulation systems and toolkits can be used in place of actual sensors where using a real sensor would be impractical or cost prohibitive. In some cases, where the focus of the project is the development of a particular sensor, our systems can be used to simulate another sensor in parallel to the test subject, without the expense of acquisition and installation of the supporting sensor. Toolkits are available to simulate various infrared spectral bands, millimeter-wave devices and L3TV as well as visual spectrum sub-bands. The simulated sensor images can then be fused to the primary sensor under development.
Imaging sensor fusion