Imaging sensor simulators
Our company has been active in the field of imaging sensor fusion for many years. The experience we have built up with most viable imaging sensors to ever be deployed, has enabled us to distill all the salient features of sensor images into very realistic and effective sensor simulators.
We concentrate our efforts into small, low cost, off-the-shelf systems that can be deployed as add-ons or enhancements into a typical flight simulator with minimal or no modification to the visual system or the simulator platform itself. Our solution typically requires no manual  and time-consuming database editing for each potential gaming area (airport); other sensor simulations are often restricted to specific airports or geographic regions, since the databases for those regions need to be manually modified to be sensor-ready. Our systems suffer from no such limitations.
Aireyes Inc. infrared and millimeter-wave radar simulators are compliant with FAA device qualification guidance per AFS-205 FSTD Guidance Bulletin 03-03, “Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) Simulator Qualification”.
We can simulate sensors in real time, including their degradation in various weather or obscurant conditions, thermal crossover, failure modes and ‘idiosyncrasies’; if your sensor is not already modeled in our system, we can customize the simulation to match the operational and performance characteristics of all commercially available Enhanced (Flight) Vision System (EVS/EFVS) sensors. The simulated sensor video is perfect for pilot familiarization and training, and can be displayed on a HUD, HDD or HMD via standard interfaces. If your organization has purchased an Enhanced Vision System (EVS) including an infrared or millimeter wave sensor, or a fusion of sensors, we can provide your crews with the familiarization they need before using the system effectively and safely, at a fraction of the cost of time spent on the aircraft with the actual system. Example videos generated by our simulator can be seen here.
Aireyes Inc. personnel can provide on-site installation, integration and training in the use of sensor simulators in FAA Class C and D (or other) simulation facilities, as well as formal pilot training programs in the characteristics, use and optimization of your EVS/EFVS system. Please contact us for details.