Aireyes, Inc. is a technology development and consulting company specializing in real time, air- ground- and sea-based image fusion and exploitation systems, as well as advanced imaging sensor simulations. We provide software and hardware solutions for
• imaging sensor processing and fusion
• sensor simulations
• data acquisition
• impartial sensor testing and validation
• sensor selection trades and specifications
Our expertise can be hosted on customer-furnished equipment and aircraft, or based on in-stock, off-the-shelf rugged processing platforms fully integrated and ready to customize and deploy for ground or flight test.
We also provide integrated, high-capacity sensor data storage solution, as well as the expertise to post-process, analyze and distribute collected data. We can act as an impartial agent in data certification or validation of sensor specifications.
We count among our customers various government agencies and services, and many civilian and military first-tier system integrators, both US and foreign.
What’s new:
  1. Downloadable spec sheet for SIM100 sensor simulator
  2. New SIM100 infrared simulator video clips.
  3. Downloadable brochure for SIM100 sensor simulator
  5. August 21, 2009

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