In most advanced-technology development projects, the goal is to attain performance and capabilities that have never before been delivered.
Our company has the expertise to help you achieve that goal in the context of exploitation of imaging sensors.
We can help you select the sensors that best fit your application; an infrared camera that performs adequately at night over desert sands may not be well suited to high-altitude image
Our expertise, your solution
acquisition over tropical environments. We do not sell any sensors, and can therefore help you evaluate your options in an impartial fashion. We can help you specify the sensor or sensor suite that will meet your needs. We can help you define acceptance testing procedures and testing systems, to monitor vendor performance and ongoing functionality of your sensor systems.
We have been involved in the design, installation and deployment of many different sensor systems in dozens of installations, and we can apply our experience to your problem, to speed your deployment and time-to-market, while minimizing wasted effort and resources.
We often deliver custom systems and assign any intellectual property developed in the course of the project to the customer, thus generating added value for your project and organization.